Our Vision

Today's players. Tomorrow's leaders.


In South Africa the consequences of harmful gender norms are severe, particularly for girls. These power imbalances result in widespread acceptance of violence against women, and low self-esteem, early exposure to sex and increased risk of HIV. In Khayelitsha alone, a reported 15.1% of girls aged 16 to 18 have dropped out of school, for reasons including poverty, family commitments, performance, disability, illness and teenage pregnancy.

Khayelitsha’s first all-girls football team, RV United, has three divisions, junior, regional and SASOL League, and uses football to encourage physical health, self-esteem and equitable gender norms for girls and young women.

The team takes a holistic approach to player development, and Senior RV players coach younger female players in football skills, confidence, health and school performance.

RV United joined the SASOL League in March 2015. In our first season, the team took home the Western Cape Provincial Coca-Cola Cup and has placed second in three additional Provincial Cups.

To fundraise for the team, matches and community development activities, Senior RV players also make and sell Ragballs - handmade soccer balls made from local, recycled materials.

RV United is supported by Grassroot SoccerCityzens GivingNoble and Greenough School, WOZA Soccer, Equal Playing Field, Ragball International, and many generous individual donors.

On behalf of RV United's 70 players, a sincere thanks to all of our supporters. We couldn't do it without you!


Vuyolwethu Kayi
Founder and Coach, RV United