Financial literacy, entrepreneurship and fundraising.


RV United provides leadership training and financial education for Senior players, including SAFA D and C Licenses, First Aid, leadership, introduction to entrepreneurship and more. 

To fundraise for the team's matches and community development activities, RV has a partnership with Ragball International to make and sell artisan soccer balls from recycled materials. Senior RV players participate in an innovative, 20-session curriculum that utilises the international language of football to provide social, financial and environmental education. Players participate in soccer-based games that facilitate discussions on strategy, future orientation and goal-setting, and give them tangible experience related to budgeting and planning. The curriculum also helps players identify opportunities for further education, employment and entrepreneurship, and explores financial risks such as lending, substance abuse and gambling. By using recycled materials, players also become environmental activists, and the curriculum helps them further explore ways to keep their environment safe and clean. 

After participating in the financial education programme, Senior RV players in turn lead curriculum practices with Junior Development team members, and make and sell Ragballs - handmade footballs made from local, recycled materials - to fundraise for team matches and community development activities.

RV United sells their handmade Ragballs across Cape Town, and internationally, to support their team and personal goals. Recycled plastic bags, fruit bags and t-shirts are sourced and donated from companies around Cape Town, and the artists share their talents with visitors and Junior RV players.

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